To make it easier for real estate agents, I have joined Inspection Support Network (ISN) to make a well-managed process throughout. Through ISN's Real Estate Dashboard you will save time by:

  • Scheduling inspections with a few clicks from your mobile device

  • View current and past inspections

  • Automatically create an Inspection Repair Request List

  • View upcoming inspections

(I will send the agent a unique Real Estate Dashboard link which can easily be moved to your phone's home screen) 

ISN also sends all agreements and confirmations to the client automatically.

Real estate agents and inspectors need to work together to help home buyers make the most knowledgeable choice. I believe by better understanding the needs of the agents, the better we can serve our clients. I will work to gain a clear picture of the condition of the home to communicate to the client.


My promise to you is this: 

  • Any issues found will be clearly defined to the home buyer. 

  • DIY links will be sent for minor repairs to assist the client, instead of recommending a professional look at every defect. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.